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Get Over a Bad Credit Record With Help From Big Car Title Loans Costa Mesa

A bad credit history isn’t something one normally likes to share with everyone, especially when waiting for a loan approval during a tough financial situation.  Bankers are very particular about approving loans to customers that do not posess a clean credit history and any sign of bad credit acts like a red flag for them, leading to frequent loan rejections. Occasionally a bank will approve someone with a poor credit history, however they usually tack on an extremely high interest rate, making it not affordable. Fortunately, Big Car Title Loans Costa Mesa comes with a fresh, new approach. With a car title loan, the lender focuses on the customer’s income level and vehicle ownership status more than any history of poor financial decisions.

To be eligible for a car title loan, you must be over 18 years of age, have full possession of your car and have an income that shows you are capable of repaying the loan.


Your car or truck is used as the collateral for car title loans. However, this only means they hold on to the title. You get to continue driving your vehicle as normal.  The amount of money you are able to borrow is based on the resale value of your vehicle. For many, this amount can be up to 65% of what your vehicle is worth.

Big Car Title Loans Costa Mesa also offers loans with very competitive interest rates, that are typically around 30% APR which is a far cry from the 300% with payday loans. The lower interest rates make the loan more manageable and easier to repay.

The repayment plan for car title loans is created with the borrower in mind. Our car title loan professionals will work with the client to devise a plan that works best for their income and specific needs.

When banks say no and your resources run dry, Big Car Title Loans Costa Mesa could solve all of your problems. Fill out the form on the top of the website to get started!